Our Purpose

The mission of the Housing Advisory Group is to educate Members of Congress, Senators, their staffs and administration officials on the value of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and affordable housing programs. Our policy and programmatic successes over the years, including the Tax Cuts and Job Creation Act of 2017, are a direct testament to the grassroots advocacy of HAG members and industry colleagues.

With the direct participation of our HAG members at the local level, we have cultivated personal relationships and helped these representatives develop a strong interest in and appreciation for affordable housing.

We do this by:

  • Inviting Members of the Congress and their staffs to visit affordable housing communities in their home states and districts. We educate them on the importance of the continued construction and rehabilitation of affordable rental housing units, highlighting the individuals and families living there.

  • Emphasizing the economic impact the construction and rehabilitation of housing has in their communities. By demonstrating that affordable housing in their communities is helping public safety personnel, teachers, single working mothers, the elderly and veterans, we can help members make a human connection, and thus turn them into advocates.

The Housing Advisory Group encourages our members to reach out and develop relationships with their congressional representatives, emphasizing the importance of the LIHTC and affordable housing programs to their constituents. The tools on the accompanying pages will assist you in these efforts and we encourage you to let us know how we can augment your efforts at home with these decision makers.

Reach out to your elected officials
with this Advocacy Toolkit

Access up-to-date information on affordable housing legislation, advocacy tools for reaching out to Congress and useful information on the LIHTC.

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Learn How the Housing Credit
Affects your State & District

The Housing Credit is a proven solution to help address the affordable housing crisis. Use these state and district facts sheets to learn how the Housing Credit affects your state and Congressional district.

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Research and Reports on the
Housing Credit

The latest information on the housing credit performance & success, the need for affordable housing and how the housing credit benefits residents & communities.

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Advocacy Partners

To assist our members and those in the affordable housing indsustry, we are pleased to provide links to the following housing resources.  For more information on these organizations, we suggest you contact them directly.

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