Affordable Housing Finance Blog & AHCIA Sponsorship Update

Affordable Housing Finance Blog & AHCIA Sponsorship Update

AHCIA Sponsorship Update

Since the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2019 was introduced on June 4th, advocates have been working hard to garner support for the legislation. Affordable Housing Finance just published a blog by Housing Advisory Group Executive Director David Gasson entitled Advocacy Critical to Expansion of LIHTC Program, which highlights the critical need for cosponsorship of the legislation as well as continued advocacy in your districts.

Here’s an AHCIA cosponsor update thus far:

H.R. 3077: 48 cosponsors (28 Democrats, 20 Republicans)
S. 1703: 3 cosponsors (2 Republicans, 1 Democrat)

Here’s how you can help:

Ground-breaking events, ribbon-cuttings, and property tours are a great way to educate Members of Congress about the credit. Please look for opportunities to show your elected officials what you are doing in their districts and states, and encourage them to support S. 1703 and H.R. 3077. We are especially looking for Senate Republicans to consponor S. 1703.

• To cosponsor S. 1703, Senate offices may contact Lara Muldoon (Senator Cantwell) at (202) 224-3441.
• To cosponsor H.R. 3077, House offices may contact Victoria Honard (Rep. DelBene) at (202) 225-6311.

Click here to access a section by section description of the bill which you share with congressional staff and colleagues. Additionally, the ACTION State and District Fact Sheets show the impact of the Housing Credit in every congressional district, including the number of affordable apartments created or preserved, the jobs that Housing Credit development supports and other economic benefits. The fact sheets provide information on the affordable housing shortage in each state, underscoring the vast need for the Housing Credit. The sheets also demonstrate how many additional units would be created with the 9% increase and the 4% fix in the largest states.

As always, please reach out to us if you need assistance or have any questions. And feel free to let us know about any communications you have with Members and staff.

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