The Time is NOW to Advocate on Behalf of #LIHTC and #HousingBonds

The Time is NOW to Advocate on Behalf of #LIHTC and #HousingBonds

The Housing Advisory Group and our colleagues in the industry are asking our memberships to immediately reach out to your congressional representatives and emphasize the importance of the LIHTC, housing bonds and affordable housing programs in their communities. Our successes over the years have been the result of our elected representatives seeing what the LIHTC accomplishes in their communities. This has never been more important than now so please take every opportunity you can to highlight the success of affordable housing at home and ask them to restore housing bonds in tax reform.

You can find your representative’s contact information here (search by zip code of development). It is particularly important to contact Republican members.

Here are some samples of outreach efforts:

  • A.C.T.I.O.N. Campaign Update on House GOP Tax Reform Bill which includes next steps and action needed information.
  • Sample letter from advocates in California to Rep. Kevin McCarthy supporting LIHTC and housing bonds in tax reform.
  • newsletter distrbuted by the New York Housing Conference explaining the effects of the tax reform bill in New York.
  • An Action Alert by the California Housing Consortium about the impact of
    H.R. 1 on affordable housing production.

We are engaged with our proponents in Congress and their staffs but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that all Members of Congress are getting the message from and at home as well.  Please let us know about your outreach efforts and we will keep you updated as the process moves forward.

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